The Burning Flower Story

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Burning Flower Symbolism:

· 13 whole petals for Julia’s 13 full years of life

· 1 shriveling petal for Julia’s last partial year of life

· 3 leaves for her three family members that supported her and filled her with energy and love

· Seeds in the center of the sunflower  represent the  part of Julia that her friends and family still carry around with them.

Burning Flower Foundation

Julia Marie Briggs and Mediastinal Lymphoma

When our daughter, Julia Marie Briggs, was in first grade, our family went on an overnight campout with her brother Andrew’s Cub Scout Pack 1100.  During the campfire and after all of the skits had been performed, Cub Scout Master Brad would assign Indian names to all of the Cub Scouts – from the youngest to the oldest by Den.  If there was time after all the scouts had received their names, their siblings would be given names as well.  There were at least 100 scouts at the campout and Chief Brad gave each a unique name.  To this day, we’re amazed at all the different names – and accompanying explanations – he invented. 

            When Andrew’s Den went up for their names, Julia was right where she always was – with the boys. There were only supposed to be eight boys per den, but everyone in Pack 1100, knew Den 9 consisted of eight boys and one girl. Julia went up with all of Den 9 (well before the siblings were to receive their names). Chief Brad named Julia without hesitation. He said, “I name you Burning Flower, because your beauty is like a flower so bright it cannot go unnoticed.”  

Even though she is no longer physically with us due to Mediastinal Lymphoma, Julia’s inner beauty continues to radiate through everyone she touched. We thought it was appropriate to christen the Memorial Fund and Lacrosse Tournament with her given Indian name – Burning Flower.  

To honor her memory and joyful approach to life, her family and friends have also created the Burning Flower Foundation. This Foundation is dedicated to educating people about Mediastinal Lymphoma, as well as raising donations for charities and causes that held special meaning for Julia.